tricky words or sight words

Tricky words are those words which cannot be read with help of sounds. It is also called ‘Key words’, ‘Sight words’ or ‘Phonically irregular high-frequency words.

How to teach Tricky Words in Phonics techniques​

· encourage child to sound out the parts of the word they know and give support to the child with sounds they don’t know.

· teach child words with letter-sound which is similar to the tricky word.

·  compile a list of tricky words and write them out in different forms.

· can be taught as ‘Word of the day’ or ‘Today’s password’.

Yellow Level Tricky Words














I am taking to you.

You are a good boy!

Will you be my friend?

You are my friend now.

I like you.

Will you play with me?

Yes, I will play with you.


Hello Tiya!

This is your birthday gift.

Where is your sister?

I like your dress.

What is your name?

Can you write your phone number?

I can lend your pen.

Your house is very



Come here,” said the boy.

May I come inside the room?

Can I come to your party?

Yes! please come to my party.

Will you come in?


Wont you come tomorrow.


Let’s buy some vegetables.

Shopkeeper has gone to buy some fruits.

Can I get some water?

If you are hungry, have some biscuits.

Some of my friends are coming tomorrow.


I need some help.


Teacher said, “lets read a book”.

Siya said, “I have a pet cat. “

“It’s wonderful!” said Alex.

“Good night,” he said cheerfully.

You would have said that was crazy.

“I can’t help it,” said the Tiya.


Can you see some kids here?

They are studying together here. They have been here about an hour.

Are you here again?

Come here and play with me.

Here I come.



What can you see there is picture?

There is a small hut.

A tree is there behind the hut.

There are some mangoes on the tree.

There are some butterflies flying in the sky.

There she goes.



They are in the park.

What are they doing?

They are planting a tree.

They know all plant needs water.

Look! What are they eating?

They are having their food together.


 Tiya wants to go out and play.

She asks her teacher, “may I go home”?

Do not let him go to the market alone.

You may go out from here.

Let’s go and party today.

Go and get some food for me.


Mummy said, “no jumping on the bed.”

Learn to say no for things that are bad for us.

Say no to junk food.

No fighting with friends.

I see no point in telling her.

I got no answer from him.


Ms. Tiya, ”children you  are so good.”

I am so proud of you.

You have done your work so you can play.

There are so many stars in the sky.

He spoke so well yesterday.

It wasn’t so bad.



Hello friends, my name is Tiya.

Meet my family.

My family is a happy family.

I love my school.

My sister helps me do my homework.

My family loves me a lot.