tricky words or sight words

Tricky words are those words which cannot be read with help of sounds. It is also called ‘Key words’, ‘Sight words’ or ‘Phonically irregular high-frequency words.

Teach Tricky Words in Phonics techniques

Way to introduce ‘tricky words‘ is to first show the tricky words to the child, and then try to sound it out. By doing this you demonstrate why it is ‘tricky‘ because it will make a silly word. “Children often find this quite funny

red level tricky words















I have one nose.

There is one sun in the sky.

One day, my father gave me a gift.

Give me one of those chocolate.

Tiya has only one red doll.

No one can run faster than me.


This work is done by me.

Don’t stand by my side.

Cops held him by his arms.

By the way, where are you going?

My poem is loved by everyone.


By the time you come back, I will be gone.


I like to play football.

I don’t like to walk like a cat.

He doesn’t like to read stories.

She likes to eat toast and jam.

We all like to play in the park.

I like to get wet when it rains.


I have only one red pencil.

I don’t have enough food for my pet.

Sit down to have your food.

We have to get up early.

She does not have to clean the mess.

My shoes have hole in them.


I live with my family.

You have to live in this room only.

Plants and animals live together.

Yesterday, we had to live in small cottage.

I don’t want to live alone.

How long could you live like this?


Please give me my pencil.

I can give him a toy car.

Always give your best.

Don’t give up in anything!

I will be happy if you will give a pie.


When will you meet me to give my book?


Tiya has only one blue coat.

We can only play in the park.

He ate only one toast.

They can only do this much.

Am I the only girl here?

Only thing she wants is a doll.


How old are you?

The book is old but is very good.

It makes me feel old.

My dad wants to give away his old car.

The poor old man lived in a hut.

The old man is sitting on old chair.


There is little milk left to feed the cat.

The little man shook his head.

My little sister is playing in the park.

I have only little work left to do.

We had only little time to play.

Little peter rabbit had a fly upon his nose.


They sat down at the table for dinner.

She is lying down on the floor.

Please sit down and do your work.

Wait for the hot milk to cool down.

Go down the stairs.

The car broke down in the middle of the way.

The old tree fell down.


What is your name?

Look! What I have got for you.

What time are you going home?

No one knows what the mother might cook.

What have you done?

That’s what I was telling you.



When will you meet me to give my books?

When will you go home?

When I will grow up, I will be a doctor.

When dog barked, he had climbed a tree.

When will our school start?

He had been there when she needed him.