tricky words or sight words

Tricky words are those words which cannot be read with help of sounds. It is also called ‘Key words’, ‘Sight words’ or ‘Phonically irregular high-frequency words.

Teach Tricky Words in Phonics techniques

Way to introduce ‘tricky words‘ is to first show the tricky words to the child, and then try to sound it out. By doing this you demonstrate why it is ‘tricky‘ because it will make a silly word. “Children often find this quite funny

GREEN level tricky words

















Why are you so sad?

Why dose rain fall?

Why not? Tiya said happily!

Why did you let it go?

Why are you sitting on the floor?


Why is there no water in the jug?



Where are you going?

Where is my red car gone?

Where do you live?

I will show you, where you can play.

Was that where my mom got my shoes from?


Where are my green socks?



Who is the best dancer in the class?

Who will lend me a blue pen?

Who is the girl at the door?

Are you going to tell me who she is?

Who are you?


After all, who knows?



Which book you are reading now?

Which dress do you like?

Which is your favourite pen?

Now you need hats! but which one?  

Which one is the cutest?


I got some books, some of which is new.


I don’t have any work to do.

Do you have any question?

I looked in the jar, but I could not find any cookies.

Please give me a pen, if you have any.

You can call me any time.


I don’t have any friend.


I have many toys.

We have many things to do.

How many books do you have?

I wish many happy returns on your birthday.

You can learn many things from this book.


I have so many friends in school.


Give me more food.

Do you want to join some more blocks?

Try it once more.

She has more books than I do.

I want to sleep a little more.

Tiya told me to be more careful.


You can play for some more time.


Have you been to his house before?

He read before going to bed.

Tiya left for school before six o’clock.

Say good bye before you leave.

It began to rain before I could reach home.


Raise your hand before you speak.


Will you help me choose other dress?

We love each other.

Do you have any other work?

I want to return you the book, I lend other day.

In other words, I cannot come to your house.


What is the other name of that tree?



We were playing in the park.

Kids were at home on Sunday.

Her eyes were red after crying.

I wish I were with you on weekend.

Where were you?


We were having a great time.



I am hungry because I did not eat my breakfast.

Tiya reached late because of traffic jam.

Just because she is rich, doesn’t means she is good.

She could not attend school because she was sick.

He could not study well because he is lazy.


She was crying because she fell down.



I want to play with my friends.

We want go jump up and down on muddy puddles.

Do you want to join more blocks?

I want to wear pink frock on my birthday party.

You can park the care here if you want.


Dad, I want to go for picnic.