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Comprehension Reading- GRADE 3

Exercise 1 - Picnic

Hello, I am Sam. Last week I went for a picnic with my mom and dad, my two little sisters and my dog Zen. Dad stopped the car in a park and mom and dad put a blanket down. Then we carried the food and drink from the car. We ate cheese sandwiches and apple and drank lemonade. Zen had sausages-his favorite food. We were excited and happy. We had lots of fun together.

Q. Sam went for a picnic with?
a) family

b) friends

c) teachers

Q. What was the name of the dog?
a) Bouncer

b) Sam

c) Zen

Q. What did the family eat with cheese sandwiches?
a) apple

b) orange

c) pineapple

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Exercise 2 - JACK’S BIRTHDAY

My name is jack and yesterday it was my birthday. I was eight and I got a lot of gifts. Mom took pictures when I opened them. I got a red dinosaur and a blue sweater, my favorite color! But my favorite gift was a new cycle. Its great. My old cycle was small so I didn’t like it.

Q. How old was jack?
a) nine

b) eight


Q. What is my favorite present?
a) dinosaur

b) sweater

c) cycle

Q. Who took the picture?
a) mom

b) dad

c) friends

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Animals are all very different: an elephant is very big, a mouse is very small with a long tail and a giraffe is very tall with a long neck. There are different kinds of animals and we can put these animals into families. There are birds which comes from eggs and can fly. Some animals have bodies with shells on their backs. Then there are lizards and frogs which live in lakes and rivers when they are young but come out of the water when they are older.

Q. Which animal has long neck?
a) lion

b) elephant

c) giraffe


Q. Who comes out of eggs?
a) lion

b) birds

c) mouse

Q. Which animal has long tail?
a) lion

b) giraffe

c) mouse

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Exercise 4 - NEWSPAPER

Newspaper have great power. It keeps us aware about daily news and it also increase our general knowledge. A person who does not read newspaper to know what is going around him, or, in other parts of the world, is like a frog confined to a well. Some newspapers are good and some are bad. We should avoid reading newspapers which indulge in giving sensational and untrue reports.

Q. Why should we read newspaper?
a) for sensational news

b) for untrue report

c) general knowledge

d) none of above

Q. What does author compare the person who does not read the newspaper to?
a) a well-read person

b) a frog confined to a well

c) a frog of lake

d) who knows everything

Q. Are all newspapers good?
a) yes

b) no

c) can’t say

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