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Reading comprehension help students develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences they must have if they are to become competent and enthusiastic readers. Comprehension means you understood what you read. If you read without understanding what you read, it seems to me that you wasted your time.

Exercise 1 - RAIN

My name is Mira. I like to play in the rain.  Trees get a new shine and flowers bloom.  Muddy puddles can be seen on ground all around. Put on your boots and get ready to jump up and down.


Q. What can be seen on ground?

a) Muddy Puddles        

b) Peppa               

c) Tom

Q. Do you remember my name?

a) Aarush

b) Rain                   

c) Mira

Q. Why do you put on boots?

a) to jump

b) to sleep            

c) to eat

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Exercise 2 - THE ZOO

Nita went to the zoo with her parents and brother.   She was excited to see many animals and beautiful birds. She told her dad that she wanted to take a ride on the   elephant’s back. Her brother was frightened. Nita said elephants liked giving   rides to children.


Q. Where did Nita go?
a) park

b) school

c) zoo


Q. Who got afraid?
a) Nita

b) elephant

c) brother


Q. Nita wanted to ride on ___?
a) elephant

b) camel

c) cow

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Exercise 3 - The Squirrel

Alex, the squirrel was frightened. He had disobeyed his mother and had came out of his house all alone. Alex’s house was in a hole in the trunk of a large banyan tree. His mother had told him not to go out alone. He could be picked by an eagle or a vulture.

Q. Alex’s house was in a hole in the trunk of
a) an oak tree

b) a banyan tree

c) a neem tree

Q. Mother asked Alex not to go out alone as
a) Alex could fall down

b) Eagle could pick him


Q. Alex had disobeyed his
a) mother

b) friend

c) teacher

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Exercise 4 - Library

Betty and Ben went to the library. They saw the large number     of books there. They took a fairy tale from the self and started reading it. They talked softly to each other. Betty asked the librarian if she could borrow book for the week end. The librarian gave them the book and asked them to take good care of the book. They went home happily.


Q. Where did Betty and Ben go?
a) park

b) market

c) library

Q. Which book they took from the self?
a) Fairy tale

b) Harry Potter

c) Peppa pig

Q. The librarian asked them to?
a) throw the book

b) tear the book

c) take good care

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