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Reading comprehension helps students  develop the knowledge, skills and experience they must have if they are to become competent and enthusiastic readers. 

In Comprehension reading, you must be able to understand what you read. If you can understand, it’s worth the reading.

Benefits of Reading

·         Reading exercises our brain, improves brain connectivity.

·         Reading improves concentration and reduces stress.

  • Reading teaches children about the world around them.

·         Reading improves vocabulary and comprehension.

  • Reading develops a child's imagination.
  • Reading is fun.

·         empowers you to empathize with other people.

·         aids in sleep readiness.

·         prevents cognitive decline as you age.

Comprehension Reading- GRADE 1 part 2

Jumping on the leaves

 Raking dried leaves can be fun. Sid puts a lot of leaves in a very big pile. When it gets really big, he jumps into the pile. Then he has to rake it again. Raking leaves and jumping on it is fun.


Q. What can be fun?

a. raking leaves        

b. jumping on leaves

c. both 

d. none

Q. Where did Sid put the leaves?

a. in the bag

b. big pile

c. in the dustbin 

d. under the soil

Q. Why did Sid make the pile again?

a. to clean the ground

b. jump on it

c. to fill then in bag

d. none


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Two friends

Two friends ‘Manu’ the monkey and ‘Emly’ the elephant went to the park. Manu said “let us have fun.” “Fun? What is fun?” asks Emly. “Fun is in playing and dancing together, climbing a tree and eating banana. Fun is singing. Let’s sing La la la…”

Q. Where were the two friends?

a. Park

b. jungle

c. market

d. school

 Q. What is fun?

a. playing

b. singing

c. dancing

d. all

 Q. Who wanted to have fun?

          a. Manu

                 b. Emly

          c. both

          d. none

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food we eat

We eat food that comes from plants. We eat apples and mango. They are fruits. We eat bread and cereals. They are made from rice, wheat, oats and grains. Do you eat carrot, potato and cabbage? They are vegetables. All we eat comes from plant.

Q. Mango is a?

a. fruit

b. vegetable

c. grains

Q. Potatoes are?

a. fruit

b. vegetable

c. grains

Q. Our food comes from?

a. plants

b. fridge

c. butterfly

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Rainbow comes in the sky at the end of the rain. It is a long and wide band of seven colours. The seven colours are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Rainbow appears after the rain stops. We get very excited when they see a rainbow.

Q. When does the rainbow comes?

 a. after rain

b. before rain           

c. in between rain 

d. with rain

Q. How many colours are there in rainbow?

          a. 7

          b. 8                     

          c. 10

          d. 6

Q. Is colour red part of rainbow colour?

       a. yes 

       b. no                 

      c. can’t say

      d. may be

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