2D shapes can be defined as the plane figures that can be drawn on a flat (or plane) surface or a piece of paper. All the 2D shapes have various parameters such areas and perimeter. Some of the 2D shapes contain sides and corners, whereas some have curved boundaries.

2d Shapes

  • It is a shape surrounded by three or more straight lines in a plane and sometimes with a closed curve
  • These shapes have no depth or height.
  • These shapes have only two dimensions, say length and breadth, whereas curved shapes such as circle and ellipse have radii.
  • Area, perimeter can be found for these shapes.
  • Examples: Circle, Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, etc.






                           I am semicircle,

I have two sides.
One side is curve,
And the other side is straight.
I have two corners.



I am a pentagon,

With five straight sides.

With all connected lines,

I look like a house.

My lines are equal,

And so are my angles.