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In geometry, a shape can be defined as the form of an object or its outline, outer boundary. Shapes are two-dimensional like square, rectangle, and oval or three-dimensional like rectangular prism, cylinder, and sphere in the objects we see around us.

Shapes Story


 Once upon a time, there lived a happy family. Father, Mother and their son named squaree (square).

 One day the squaree return from park and said “mom here I come”. Mom brought a new dress for 

him, but squaree was sad as he looked the same everywhere. 

He was not happy with his look. 

“You look perfect my child”, mom said, but squaree did not believe his mom. 

Squaree looked up at the sun and wished, if I could look like the sun.


It is round and soooooo beautiful. 

A fairy came and changed the squaree into circle. He was happy.

 As he started to go home, he slipped and  rolled down the hills. He was sad and thought, “this was not a good idea.” 

 Now, Squaree saw triangle mountains and wished he could be like them.

Fairy came again and made him triangle mountain. Squaree was happy.

 He went out to play with his friends.



But, as he came near his friend to share some secret his friend got hurt from his pointed side, and all the friends went away. 

He was all alone and sad.

Squaree was going back to his home, then he saw a rectangle bus moving all over. 


 He wished to be like one of them.

 Fairy came again and changed squaree into a rectangle moving bus. He was glad.

 He moved all over and then went to his mother.” squaree are you happy now my child?”, Mother asked. Yes mom! Squaree replied.

Squaree’s friend came to play with him. All started to play.



But the bigger side of him was hitting his friends, when all were trying to catch each other.

All his friends went away, he was alone and sad again.

 His mother asked why are you so sad squaree? “I was better before”, squaree said. fairy came once again and change him back into square.


He was happy and said “I am happy to be me”. I don’t want to be like others. Mother was happy to see his son happy.  


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