Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are a team of people who wish to establish a single platform for high quality study material for easy access, use, share and collaboration. 

We welcome contributors for generous contribution towards preparation and providing worksheets, study material, tutorial videos for strengthening our data bank.

handshake, regard, cooperate

Learning as new experiences

Doing away with old traditional ways of learning is just adopting to new ways of learning. We may not be at best, yet time make us learn new ways and approach as how we ensure our kids learn in ways that’s preparing for unforeseen future we just visualize. 

We bring some study material, exercises to make kids learn in new changing world.

Books are best only when we realize how it could have been better. 

We can not change books, we can certainly re-print books ourselves.

Our Core Values

Education can not be limited to privileged.  We wish to reach to the last unreachable.